Hoopeston Jaycees Christmas Programs

Each year all profits from the National Sweetcorn Festival go towards the Hoopeston Jaycees' Christmas Projects; Toys for Kids and Underprivledged Kids' Christmas.

Toys for Kids

The Hoopeston Jaycees purchase toys and other items for children. Based on needs and eligibility parents can apply for assistance and, if granted, are given an amount of points. Points are used to "purchase" items that they can take home and give as gifts.

Underprivledged Kids' Christmas

Based on the above eligibility of the family, a group of children are selected to go to a store and spend money. Coats, clothes, school supplies and some toys are available for purchase. The amount of money available for the children is directly linked to the profit of the National Sweetcorn Festival.


For more information contact info@hoopestonjaycees.org